Neuromuscular Orthotics (For treatment of TMJ Dysfunction)

Patient # 1

“Up until the time I met Doctor Willoughby I had suffered with chronic severe migraines for more than a decade – I was visiting the VGH Headache Clinic and I was on some very strong pain meds. After Dr. W. had explained that my bite was to blame for my headaches he fitted me with a Neuromuscular orthotic – and almost immediately my headaches disappeared! Dr. Willoughby is now permanently correcting my bad bite with Invisalign. A special thanks to you and your staff Dr. Andrew – you guys rock.”

Vanessa M.

Patient # 2

“My headaches were so bad I couldn’t function properly anymore. Dr Willougby explained to me that they were due to my bad bite and how my muscles were twisting my jaw and causing the clicking and popping in my jaw joints. Once he made me a new bite splint and corrected my bite, my heaaches and jaw clicking stopped. THANK U Dr Willoughby!”

Alexis P.

Patient #3

“Twenty plus years ago in had most of my lower teeth restored with crowns to my natural bite and ever since that time I have had non stop headaches and pain in my joints so after Dr Willoughby used one of his special metal reinforced orthotics to change my bite it took less than 3 weeks for me to actually experience lasting relief from my headaches – so thank you so much Dr W – you’ve made a true believer out of me!”

Leah M.

Patient #4

Patient hooked to ULF-TENS and K7 Diagnostic Jaw Tracking Equipment for Treatment of TMJD / CMD.