Precision Attachment Partial Dentures

Ceka attachments can also be used to help anchor partial dentures and the result is highly esthetic because the Dentist can design the partial without those unsightly clasps. These are usually referred to as ‘Precision Attachment Partial Dentures” and they are a very cost effective alternative to dental implants.

Can u tell which of the following are denture teeth and which are natural?

Patient # 1

“I just absolutely love my new precision partial Dr W…. it just looks and feels so natural”

Margita P.

Patient # 2

“Compared to my old partial denture this Attachment Denture is amazing!”


Patient # 3

“My old partial never fit properly so when Dr. Willoughby suggested a new precision attachment lower denture I thought it made sense – I’m very pleased with the way it works, looks and feels and I’m glad I took his recommendation”

John H.

Patient # 4

Thank you Andrew, for repairing my partial…..with the new crowns and attachments everything feels much more stable.

Helen D.