Sinus Lifts

Patient # 1

“My mouth needed a major overhauling…. I decided to finally get something done about it but I was missing a bunch of my back teeth and I wanted to get Implants. Dr.c Willoughby explained that I didn’t have enough remaining bone in my upper jaw so first I needed to “lift my sinuses” before I could get dental implants. Last week Dr. Willoughby performed this surgery on both my sinuses and my experience was as follows;

  1. it did not hurt one bit
  2. the results were awesome and
  3. their follow up with me after the surgery showed a genuine caring attitude.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr Willoughby and his staff other than thank you for all your help!”

Brian B.

Patient # 2

“After my implant surgery with you in early August 2011, I just wanted to let you and your staff know just how much I appreciated all the post-op care calls and follow-up visits I received from your office. I‘m absolutely sure that the exquisite care both you and your team demonstrated during and after my bone grafts and sinus lift surgery helped speed my recovery. Thank you for a job well done.”

Laurie C.