Tooth Borne Palate-less Over-dentures utilizing Ceka attachments and natural teeth

Please be sure to check out my Ask the Dentist Article on “Root Retained Over-Dentures” as this is a terrific cost effective solution / alternative to extractions and dental implant placement for patients who wish to preserve some of their remaining teeth/bite.

Patient # 1

“I used to wear a partial upper plate and it looked terrible and it was so uncomfortable so I was thrilled when you convinced me to save my remaining teeth and anchor a new over denture to them – it fits and looks so much better than my old partial –thank you so much for all your effort Dr. Willoughby.”

Victoria B.

Patient # 2

“By anchoring these beautiful little gold root caps to my 4 remaining teeth you have given me something to smile about. Now that my denture has no palate, I am once again able to sing in my church choir so thank you so much for all your help Doctor W.”

Roberta H.

Patient # 3

“My new denture is such an improvement over my old partial – its perfect. It fits firmly and allows me to chew almost anything without lifting or moving. Thank you for the suggestion as it was certainly less expensive than the dental implant option!

Dale H.

Patient # 4

“I had 2 lower teeth left, my partial was NOT fitting and I thought I was told I needed very expensive Dental implants but after having spoken to Doctor Willoughby, I realized that I could anchor an over denture to the roots of my 2 remaining eye teeth using some custom made gold caps – what a difference this new denture has made. I am extremely happy with the results so thank you to you and your wonderful staff.”

Dave L.

Patient # 5

“I had ignored my mouth for more than 20 years because I had a very bad experience in the dental office when I was younger– so when I finally made up mind to seek dental treatment I took the recommendation of one of my fellow Longshoremen – Cerra, who just happens to also be a Dental Assistant. Long story short, my new Dentist explains things to me and makes me feel very comfortable so over the course of 8 months he helped me save my remaining teeth and fix my mouth – what an incredible experience – thank you so much Dr Willoughby- I recommend you to everyone and I mean everyone!”

Richard B Local 502.

Patient # 6

“My experience with Dr. W and his staff have been nothing short of superb. They helped save my teeth with this stunning palate-less denture by anchoring it to my own teeth after placing these tiny gold caps on them. They gave me back the smile I’d forgotten how to use. I can’t thank you guys enough. Cheers.”

Steve J Local 502

Patient # 7

“You made this wonderful denture for me nearly 7 years ago when the bridgework I had done elsewhere failed. I am very grateful for the way you worked so hard to make my new smile look so natural. Thank you so very much Dr Andrew!”

Evelyn G.