Dental Solutions for OSA and Snoring

Question: My husband’s snoring is so loud that he’s sleeping more in the guest room than our bedroom! It is now so bad that he is waking up at night gasping for breath! I finally got him to our family Doctor who diagnosed him with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Problem is he hates the CPAP treatment […]

Treating Headaches and a Bad Bite

Question: For many years now I’ve been suffering from daily headaches. My Family Doctor’s only solution has been pain killers and muscle relaxants! I’ve seen several medical specialists but they have been of little help. I know my bite is off because my jaws ache when I chew and click when I open but, how can […]

Root Retained Over-Dentures

Question: Over the past 10-15 years I have lost more than half of my upper teeth and most of my lower molars. I am now having trouble chewing and my jaw joints are starting to ‘clunk’ when I open and close. I know I need to get this problem fixed but I’ve had partial dentures […]