Dr. Willoughby is a certified provider of Botox and has been providing this service to his patients since early 2005. Although Dr. Willoughby does provide Botox services for facial rejuvenation most of his work with Botox has been in helping provide his TMJ patients with relief of chronic and acute muscle spasm and headaches related to clenching and grinding habits. 4_1_1Dr. Willoughby has found that when Botox injections are utilized in the Temporalis and masseter muscles in combination with a full time use of a Neuromuscular orthotic that there is a significant reduction in the incidence of both muscle related headaches and clenching/grinding habits. Although the doses for these type of TMJ related injections usually involve a substantial amount of Botox (anywhere from 70-80 units or more) patients will typically get 4-6 months of relief after just one treatment!

What is Botox and how does it work?

botox_cosmeticBotox cosmetic (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a purified protein which is injected by a healthcare professional (i.e. a Dentist) into select muscle groups to help “relax” the muscle. The Botox ‘effect’ on the muscles can last for several months at a time and the effective dosage is usually proportionate to the size of the muscle. Botox works by blocking the nerve impulses to the injected muscles which reduces (but does not eliminate) overall muscle activity. Botox works especially well in muscles groups which are in a chronic state of myospasm by helping to prevent that muscle from being overworked and fatigued  Muscles that are not in a constant state of spasm do not build up metabolites and therefore do not cause muscle related pain.

All Botox treatments will eventually wear off – this treatment is therefore NOT a permanent solution but rather a highly effective temporary treatment to help get give TMD and TMJ patients relief from muscle spasm and pain when combined with other Neuromuscular based treatment protocols.

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The following are typical results with the use of the botox cosmetic product.