Facelift Dentures

Complete Dentures are used when a patient has lost all their teeth. The replacement teeth are typically set in an acrylic which can be strengthened with a metal mesh within the body of the denture. denturesThe teeth are typically made of a resin reinforced plastic or porcelain material.

As a Neuromuscularly trained Dentist Dr. Willoughby can make you a beautiful set of Facelift Dentures that give you back a more youthful facial appearance and a fuller brighter smile. Facelift dentures are more efficient and predictable than a normal set of Dentures because they utilize TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation)


TENS is simply the use of ultra-low frequency electrodes which are connected over certain muscles and nerves in the head and neck which allow the patients muscles of jaws opening and closing to ‘relax’ and find a position where they are at physiological rest. Muscles at physiological rest are not contracted or overstretched, which means that the overlying dermal and epidermal layers of “skin” appear to be less stretched, and wrinkled – giving the skin a more even tone and better volume. With Facelift Dentures, TENS is utilized by our office for two primary reasons.

  1. for Muscle and Nerve Mediated Border Molding,
  2. to help find the proper vertical opening for the patient and the ideal relationship of their upper jaw (maxilla) to their lower jaw (mandible)
Before and After

Before and After

Because the TENS machine control the nerve impulses through the muscles of the face and mouth, Dr. Willoughby is able to use this Muscle Border Molding technique to help relax the muscles of jaw opening and closing so that the patient achieves a more accurate fitting Denture – one with more stability and improved adhesion. Because of this increased “suction” this means Dr. Willoughby does NOT have to set the teeth over the resorbed ridge which gives the typical Denture that sunken in look. Instead the teeth can be set in a much more ideal position closer to their old vertical opening and rest position for their jaws. facelift dentures woman frontThis allows for superior lip and facial support often providing the patient with a startling change is their facial appearance. The combination of a more ideal, natural vertical opening plus an improved bite relationship allows Dr. Willoughby to create the Facelift Denture effect.


Typically, a new set of Facelift Dentures can be made in just 3 simple appointments starting with the Border molding using the patient’s old denture. Then comes a try-in with the new teeth mounted into a more esthetic position for the patient’s smile and facial profile. facelift dentures woman sideThe last appointment is the delivery appointment which usually requires only minimal adjustments because the Denture has been fabricated using the principals of Neuromuscular Dentistry. If you or a loved one are considering a new Denture(s), please feel free to give our office a call and book an appointment – our staff would be more than happy to discuss the features and benefits of Facelift Dentures with you.