Oral DNA Testing

Periodontitis: Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

In our office Dr. Willoughby and his staff will sometimes utilize DNA diagnostic testing to help improve the overall accuracy and predictability of their diagnosis and clinical protocols for treating periodontal disease. The use of these diagnostic tests allows the Dr. Willoughby and his staff to specifically identify the most important risk factors for the progression of periodontitis. Dr. Willoughby believes that the Marker pathogen analyses and risk determination available with the micro-IDent®plus DNA test is a valuable tool in validating the results of his initial clinical diagnosis. It also helps to quantify an end point in treatment by accurately determining when specific bacteria have reached a sub clinical level.

This state-of-the-art molecular biological assay allows individual and thus more effective periodontal treatment for the patient. The test results support therapeutic decisions, including the selection of adjunctive antibiotics as well as optimum follow-up intervals or prophylactic measures. In addition, these DNA based diagnostic tests are essential tools in the risk assessment prior to costly and time-consuming restorations and in the documentation of therapeutic success. Find out what the most current diagnostics can do to help you manage your periodontal issues. You will be surprised, how rapid, easy, and safe success can be achieved!

These oral DNA diagnostic systems Dr. Willoughby is able to evaluate data on the quality and quantity of 11 different pathogenic species which are commonly known to be associated with the progression of periodontal disease. The result of this pooled sample provides information on the pathogen load independent from their localization and represents the optimum basis for an individual therapy. When individual bacterial levels exceed the red line on the test results page Dr. Willoughby now has the quantitative proof needed to implement a combination of mechanical therapy and local antibiotic administration and when specific bacterial strains appear in high levels Dr. Willoughby also incorporate laser curettage and take home Periotrays to help further manage the bacterial bio-film. These added protocols can sometimes increase the success rate of your periodontal therapy and may reduce the relapse rate.

Sampling of the plaque and bacteria using an oral DNA diagnostic testing system is simple, quick and painless and can usually be completed in under two minutes.

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So, when you call one of our offices to book your next hygiene appointment be sure to ask about our DNA Testing capabilities.