Sedation Dentistry

It is estimated that better than 30% of all dental patients have some form of dental phobia either about;

  • Visiting the Dentist,
  • Dental injections and needles.
  • Placement of the rubber dam and a feeling of claustrophobia.
  • History of traumatic dental experiences.
  • Severe gag reflex

Dr. Willoughby and his staff understand that for many people these types of phobias are very real and can even manifest themselves with physical signs which can be extremely uncomfortable and unsettling when combined with dental anesthesia – we empathize with these patients and that is why at our Bayview Dental Studio we always give out patients the option to have their treatment performed while being sedated.

In our office, we can sedate you orally using mild oral sedatives which will relax you during treatment. There are a variety of reasons why sedation dentistry might be right for you or a loved one. Complex dental treatments that often require five or more appointments can be done is as little as one or two, all while you relax. People who have difficulty getting numb will also find that mild conscious sedation helps eliminate this problem. Other situations for this type of dentistry include; extreme apprehension or fear, very sensitive teeth, complex dental problems, limited time to complete dental care, bothered by noise, smells, or taste associated with dental office, and even those who are afraid or embarrassed about their teeth.

Imagine being able to smile with confidence, or to be able to chew your food without pain. No wonder so many patients say, “Thank you, Dr. Willoughby – Sedation dentistry has changed my life.”