Bone Grafts

This type of procedure is typically done when a tooth is extracted to prevent the loss of the surrounding hard and soft supporting tissues so that when a tooth is replaced it will have normal anatomical contours/shape.

Patient # 1


Patient # 2


This patient’s upper right first molar developed and root fracture and needed to be extracted. Patient opted to have a dental implant placed – there was a sizeable boney defect that developed after the extraction which required a bone graft. Note the dense fill on bone particulate around the dental implant. 9 months of healing will be required before this tooth can be restored with a crown.

Patient # 3

This patient had developed severe bone lose around an impacted wisdom tooth which caused a significant periodontal defect and bone loss around the second molar as well. Both the second and the third molar had to be extracted so to prevent a significant boney defect from forming in the extraction sockets the patient opted to have the site grafted with an allograft of bone particulate. The x-ray on the right is 3 months post surgical and shows a nice dense boney fill.